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Topic: Why South Korea is my Favorite Country?

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    When I think of South Korea, I am reminded of its culture & tradition, emphasis on values, respect for elders & peace in the form of Buddha. Hangul Day – dedicated to celebrate the creation of the alphabet, shows the South Korea’s love for its language.

    When I look around, I find South Korean impression all around. I am typing this on a Samsung laptop. My home has LG refrigerator, TV and washing machine. My father drives Hyundai i10 and has a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. Lotte Choco pie is one of my favourite snacks. I like K-Pop and K-dramas. So many Korean products and services surround me.

    So, for me, South Korea represents both tradition and modernity. 

    Moreover, I feel South Korea & India have some similarities like, the Social structures, importance given to Agriculture, usage of Lunar Calendar, Wedding customs, etc.

    South Korea is also a paradise for tourists. Seoul, the capital is a great place to visit. Gyeongbok Palace, Hanok Village, N Seoul Tower, Cheonggyecheon Stream are some places to experience apart from the many museums and shopping malls. Korean cuisine, called Hansik is very tasty. Also, there are many Indian restaurants in Seoul as Koreans like Indian cuisine. 

    South Korea has developed culturally and economically, yet it still has its roots deep in the traditional principles. The Present has not replaced the past ideals. As the younger generation, we are fortunate to get a glimpse of both and enjoy & learn from this country. South Korea has so much to offer. This is why I have chosen it as my favourite country.​

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