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Topic: What I like about South Korea

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    I like many things about South Korea, starting from Gangnam Style dance to the newly launched curved screen Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone. Some of these are as follows: 
    I like Korean culture. It is now famous all over the world. Korean Pop or K-Pop is also liked a lot by youngsters. Korean TV serials are also gaining popularity internationally. The super hit K-drama Descendants of the Sun is being shown on an Indian channel, Zindagi. Koreans have some traditions which are similar to Indian traditions. For example showing respect to elders, eating together and focus on education. Like Indian parents, Korean parents also encourage their children to study hard. Korean education system is among the best in the world.
    I like that South Korea has good relations with India. Korea and India share very old relations. Indian princess Suriratna from Ayodhya went to South Korea more than 2000 years ago and married the Korean King Suro and became Queen Heo. India and South Korea have entered into a special economic agreement in 2010. 
    I like that Indians use many South Korean products, like mobile phones, TVs, Refrigerators, ACs, cars etc. These Korean companies have good brand value in India and are trusted for their products. Some of these companies are Samsung, LG, Hyundai. South Korean companies are admired for their good technology. Even the Delhi metro is based on Korean design.
    I like that South Korea is also a good family tourist destination. It has a lot of good cities to see and explore. Seoul, the capital of Korea has some of the well-known places like N Seoul Tower, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Hanganag River, Lotte World, Coex Aquarium and many others.  
    I like South Korea for the lots of good things it offers.