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   Ambassadors are bridge builders between the nations. They build and promote friendly relationships between different countries and ensure that everyone is happy.

   The India-South Korea relations have been strong for many years. This is due to the concrete friendly relationship and historical connections between our countries. Of all the countries in the world, the magnificent country of South Korea stands out and it is this country I will like to be an ambassador of my country to. South Korea is one of the emerging nations of the world filled with passionate citizens, dynamic culture and an outstanding business model. Some of the reasons are why I want to be the ambassador of India to South Korea are as follows.

   Firstly, I want to represent the interest of the Indian people in South Korea. This is very important as knowing the Indian people living in South Korea are well cared for and also living in the best conditions can only spell goodwill for South Korea as well as my home country.

   Secondly, there is so much potential that can be tapped between both countries and with the right diplomatic skills, I feel there is so much that both countries can benefit from each other. I would like to create an opportunity whereby both countries are on the same page in terms of policies and interest. Being the ambassador of India to South Korea will make me create a blossoming atmosphere between both countries that will ensure a thriving relationship between both countries in the fields of politics and business. A major area of concern to me would be trade. India has a growing software industry, while South Korea produces many excellent devices like phones, tablets etc. These products would most definitely need software, and India can readily provide such software. This would also act as a means to earn foreign exchange for India.

   The third reason why I want to be the ambassador of India to South Korea is that I want both these countries with rich history and culture to know each other at a much deeper level. Cultural interaction can play a big role in this. As the Indian Ambassador to South Korea, I will initiate many projects to bring the citizens of both the countries closer to each other through cultural programs.

   Finally, having the opportunity to serve my country will be a dream come true for me. It will be my highest achievement and I will be truly honoured to serve my beautiful country if called upon. I love to make an impact and serving as an ambassador to South Korea will not only help me to achieve my personal goals and targets, it will also give me the opportunity to fulfil my long childhood dream of becoming a representative of my beloved country.

Topic: Why I want to become an Indian Ambassador to South Korea?

(for Senior Group - Class 10 to 12)

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